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The Hereweka Hike

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Harbour Cone

The Hereweka Hike is a self guided marked hike around the Harbour Cone property featuring interpretative signs that tell you the history and values of this interesting and beautiful area. You will be able to visit and learn more about;

  • Some of the historic farmsteads
  • Climb the summit of Harbour Cone (optional)
  • Visit Larnachs Farm
  • Enjoy amazing views
  • Explore a part of the Peninsula you may have never seen

There will be a choice of 2 routes to choose from depending on your interest, time and fitness. This event for those with a moderate level of fitness who want to take their time and its perfect for getting your kids out in the great outdoors. You need to bring good walking shoes, suitable clothes for the conditions, plenty of water, your lunch, and your camera. Because this is a working farm please leave your dog at home. (Sorry Rover!).

Walkers can register on the day (6th March 2016) and begin from the Bacon St entrance at 10.30 -12.00. This event is free and walkers will receive a guide to area before they begin.Parking will be available in the paddock adjacent to the start and at Turnbulls Bay Quarry.

The embedded maps below are interactive and can be enlarged and zoomed out for a better view

The Hereweka Hike Short Route covers 6.41 kilometres and includes reaching the summit of Harbour Cone. Starting from the Bacon Street entrance walkers enjoy a steady climb through the open paddock to Highcliff Road and cross onto the “little knob” before walking down to the Rutherford Farmstead. Returning from Rutherfords walkers reach the Nyhon farm before walking up to the Harbour Cone summit (optional). A short walk from the gates below Harbour Cone along Highcliff and then down the Bacon Street Track to the start. Estimated time 1.5-2.5 hours depending on fitness.

The Hereweka Hike Long Route covers 11.6 kilometres and includes reaching the summit of Harbour Cone. Starting from the Bacon Street entrance walkers follow a similar route to Highcliff before tackling the Harbour Cone Summit first and then walking to the Rutherford Farmstead. The route from Rutherfords to Stewarts follows a steep bush track and walkers will need to be prepared by wearing good footwear. From Stewarts walkers reach the Lime Kilns, Sandymount Post Office, Hereweka Farm and Larnach Farm, before heading back to Broad Bay and Bacon Street on the footpath on. Portobello Road. Challenging but scenically stunning this walk will leave you breathless but exhilarated. Estimated time 2.5 – 4 hours depending on fitness.

At the summit



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