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About the Trust

Hereweka trustee's

The Hereweka – Harbour Cone Trust was established to manage the property and its values for the benefit of the community. Established under the Memorandum of Understanding with the Dunedin City Council, the Trust is responsible for the day to day operational management of Hereweka as well as longer term planning and project development. The current Trust is made up of two City Council representatives and six representatives from the community. There is a broad knowledge base among the trustees and this should be helpful in the development of Hereweka in the future. The Trust’s vision for the property is determined by the management plan:

“To maintain the working landscape and enhance landscape, ecological, recreation, cultural and heritage values of the Hereweka/Harbour Cone property.”

The Trustees

Community Representatives

Lala Frazer

Lala Frazer

Lala Frazer (QSM) is a founding member of Save the Otago Peninsula (STOP est 1981) and the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust (est 1987). She works full time fundraising, educating and co-ordinating conservation projects throughout the Otago Peninsula.







Jill Hamel

Jill Hamel is an archaeologist, who has specialised in nineteenth century historic sites, especially early farmsteads and stone structures.  She was brought up on a mixed dairy and sheep farm,  and enjoys the challenge of researching the agricultural history of Hereweka.






Copy of Paul Pope Election Profile Picture

Paul Pope

Paul Pope is an ecologist, historian and blogger with a background in Botany and Wildlife Management. He has 25 years of experience in land management for conservation, recreation and heritage. He has lived in Portobello on the Otago Peninsula for 20 years and is the Chairman of the Otago Peninsula Community Board.


Norcombe Barker

Norcombe Barker

Norcombe is the Chairperson for the Trust and is also the owner and director of Larnach Castle, one of the Otago Peninsula’s premier tourist attractions. Norcombe is a well established business leader with over 25 years experience in executive and governance positions. He has a strong commitment to the conservation and heritage of the region.






Fiona Harrison

Fiona Harrison

Fiona is the Secretary for the Trust and lives at Hooper’s Inlet with her husband David and daughter Olivia. She served as an Intelligence Officer in the Royal Air Force. Fiona has a range of interests including horses, kayaking and mountain biking and is passionate about the Otago Peninsula.






Helen Davidson

Helen Davidson

Helen and her family have lived in the shadow of Peggy’s Hill for 36 years on an organically run farm.She is an active member of the local community and a local lawyer. Helen’s son was a keen historical archaeology student who studied  some of the early farming industries and homesteads of Sandymount and the Hereweka block.





City Council Representatives


Mike Lord

Mike Lord is a Dunedin City Councillor for the Mosgiel-Taieri ward and was elected in 2013. He is a farmer who has lived and worked on the Taieri Plains for the past 25 years.





Neville Peat

Neville Peat

Neville Peat lives at Broad Bay on Otago Peninsula, is a writer and photographer whose books span themes of geography, history, natural history and biography. Dunedin-born, he is a descendant of Scottish pioneers who arrived in Otago in the 1850s.

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