Hereweka Summit

The Hereweka/Harbour Cone property is an open landscape with significant  space, rural character and views over large parts of the Peninsula. It also has a compelling historical and cultural narrative which is part of the development of Dunedin. Public access through the property is focused on protecting the property’s values while enabling a wide range of users an enjoyable experience. The large, open, flatter spaces on this property are suitable for passive activities and tend to be around the property’s entrances. In contrast, the steep hillsides and the network of tracks provide for users seeking a more physical challenge and an extended experience. Some of the steep terrain means that walking requires at least a moderate level of fitness and mobility.

The Hereweka/Harbour Cone property is a working farm and dogs are not permitted on the property, with the exception of the Bacon Street track. Public access is restricted during lambing season (September through to November). Dates are clearly shown on signage and appropriately advertised.

Advice for Visitors

If you’re planning a visit to the property, whether it be for a short walk or a longer adventure here is some basic advice to consider before you arrive.

  • The upper ridges of Hereweka are exposed to south-westerly and north-easterly winds and visitors should be properly prepared for changes in weather conditions.
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing and carry spare clothing in event of weather or conditions changing.
  • Tell people where you’re going before visiting and take a mobile phone with you. Don’t rely on mobile phone coverage as it is patchy in places on the property.
  • Take a drink and something to eat and remember to take out any rubbish with you.
  • Firearms and fires are not permitted on the property.
  • Walk in a group or with friends, its safer and more fun with company.
  • Keep off stone walls and out of old building sites for your safety and the protection of the sites. Enjoy them and photograph them, but don’t damage them.
  • Some areas are steep and can be slippery, take care negotiating these areas.
  • Please obey all warning signs, especially around poison bait and traps.
  • Use the stiles and fence crossing points only.
  • The woolshed and yard areas are out of bounds to visitors.

Most of all, enjoy your visit, plan ahead and be careful.

Use the map below to plan and learn more about the Hereweka-Harbour Cone property. The map is interactive and you can click on the icons or trails to give you information about each element of the map. Use the top right hand box to view the map and its information in full screen view.