Rare Plant Discovered At Hereweka

While dealing with weedy elder trees in native bush on Hereweka Harbour Cone, Duncan Ross came across a surprise. What could this small leaved shrub be? It was unlike any he had seen previously.

Duncan posted photos of the unfamiliar shrub on iNaturalist and his identification was confirmed as Raukaua anomalus.  While raukaua is relatively common throughout New Zealand, its presence on the Otago Peninsula is extremely rare due to the lack of native forest remnants.

Duncan Ross with his rare find. Duncan has been tirelessly working on weed projects at Hereweka for some time and his work has been invaluable.

On the Otago Peninsula this species is known only from 2 sites at Sandymount. So, finding a new shrub in the steep and almost inaccessible Rutherford’s Bush is very exciting for the Trust. Cuttings have been taken and later the ripe fruit will be collected in an effort to propagate this rare species.

The word “anomalus” comes from the Greek for unusual.  If propagation is successful and more are planted, it is hoped this species will no longer remain unusual on the Peninsula.

Detail of Raukaua anomalus

New Trees for New Lives

Rosa, Nathan, Kylie with new born Francesca in the front pack, Amalie and Sylvie

There has been increasing interest in tree planting at Smiths Creek lately to mark the births of new children or grandchildren. Here proud dad Nathan Latton celebrates the birth of his fourth daughter Francesca (in the front pack with Kylie) by planting another tree on the Hereweka Harbour Cone block. Nathan’s most recent planting was also an opportunity to release the totara trees that were planted by his older daughters, Rosa, Amalie and Sylvie in a previous year. New tree planting to commemorate family events is welcome at Hereweka, but the Trust do not accept the burial of ashes. If you’d like to plant a native tree for someone special or to commemorate a special event in your family history please contact the Trust.

Becoming Local at Hereweka

copy-of-lara-and-onlooker-zakThe Hereweka Harbour Cone property has a fascinating history and landscape, and now new citizens are able to add to that history and put down new roots in New Zealand. The Dunedin City Council offers new citizens the option of  having their gift tree planted on the public land of the Hereweka Harbour Cone Block so that it remains and flourishes in perpetuity. Recently Lara Jones planted the kowhai she was given  at Smiths Creek when she became a New Zealand citizen. Here she is observed by dog, Zak, who regularly supervises the planting of native trees in the Smiths Creek area.

Kia ora Lara, nau mai haere mai

Mad About Kanuka

Otago Campus Greens with Lala and Ian

Over recent weeks the Hereweka Trust have had a range of volunteers planting trees on one of the steep slopes above the Smiths Creek Catchment. Supervised by our Chair Lala Frazer and her husband Ian, many hands have made light work of this ambitious re-vegetation project. On Sunday 28th the Trust were very pleased to host the Otago Campus Greens on the site who have added further planting to the area. 

Kanuka Planting Area